"GLASS" is the private Company that exists on the market since 1982.
The head office of the company is located in Lodz at ul. Wilenska No. 59 and Company shops are located in Lodz at ul. Wilenska No. 59, and ul. Limanowskiego No. 213.
The production plant of the company is located in Zgierz at ul. Sadowa No. 12, in the building of high standard, total surface 800m2.

The company is equipped with modern machines and devices of the famous Italian company, the world leader specializing in production of equipment for machining of glass and mirrors.

Using the recent technologies and well trained workers we manufacture the products of top level that satisfy the most sophisticated tastes, and the obtained effects are unique.

The range of our products includes: mirrors, shelves, disptay cabinets, tables, small tables, doors and the like.
Our products are the elements of the displayed equipment of many objects like:
restaurants, banks, hotels, exhibition rooms, shops of various branches and individual flats.

The membership of the companies that are friendliest to the client is our ambition.
It distinguishes us already among the competitors, as well as a group of satisfied clients is enlarged with every day.
The purpose of our Company is to fulfil the needs of our clients by offering them
the reliable products and services, the most advantageous performance of orders and creating mutual confidence and the respect on the level of co-operation with our trading partners and employers.
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