Kliknij aby powiększyć!We are using the best in the world advanced machines of Italian producers, like Z. BAVELLONI, BOVONE and LOVATTI. The machines are computer controlled that makes it possible to manufacture the best quality products.
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    Kliknij aby powiększyćWith the help of individual machines in the production line we may offer to our clients the wide range of grinding operations for every product.
    Grinding of glass along the straight lines:
    flat grinding with polishing at any thickness of glass
    chamfered grinding in the range of 0-45 mm with glass thickness of 4-50 mm
    the triple grinding and bevel applied at any thickness of glass
    half-rounded grinding applied at any thickness of glass
    OG grinding applied to glass from 10 mm thickness
    chamfering with the width up to 40 mm applied to glass thickness from 4 mm
    splitting grinding - consisting in glass splitting
    Glass grinding on arcs:
    • flat grinding with polishing operation;
    • half-rounded grinding;
    • OG grinding;
    • chamfering with the width up to 40 mm;
    • the triple grinding and chamfer;
    • bevel grinding;
    • splitted grinding;
    We offer also the service of drilling of holes:
    • conical holes with 5-55 mm diameter;
    • cylindrical holes with 5-100 mm diameter;
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    We offer also the glass obscuring or sandblasting operation. This operation may be performed on glass sheets with dimensions of2000x3200 mm in any shape, as well as obscuring of our 500 patterns, company logo and individual projects. The matted glass may be secured against dirt with special (teflon) protection layer, which lets you save the time spent on cleaning of watted surface.
    Kliknij aby powiększyć1The toughening of glass consists in getting stronger of glass strength with heat treatment. The structural strength of toughened glass amounts to 5- 7X of normal glass. After exceeding the strength of toughened glass, it is splitted into small, blunt chips, reducing the risk of the wounds, while normal glass usually cracks into long and very sharp chips. The toughened glass is used always when the increased strength is required.
    Gluing of glass with UV method is performed by means of bonding of transparent glue under the influence of ultraviolet rays. It is possible to glue the glass elements to glass and metal to glass. Gluing with this method is applied to all glass pieces of furniture, elements of the equipment of interiors.
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